How do you answer life’s tough
financial questions?

  • If I marry again, how will my Social Security benefits be affected?
  • I think I claimed Social Security too early, what can I do now?
  • If I go back to work, will my Social Security benefits change?
  • How do I claim on my ex‑husband’s Social Security benefit?
  • Can I file for retroactive Social Security benefits at 64?
  • Can I claim a spousal Social Security benefit while on disability?
  • Can I claim a spousal Social Security benefit based on a common law marriage?
  • If I retire early, will my pension impact my Social Security?
  • When should I file for Social Security to maximize my benefits?
  • Can I work part‑time while collecting Social Security disability?
  • Should I move from Medicare Advantage to Medicare Supplement?
  • If I stop using my HSA, what happens to it?
  • As a federal employee, should I Sign Up for Medicare at 65?
  • If we leave the country for a year, should we dis‑enroll from Medicare?
  • How do I choose a Medicare drug plan?
  • Do I need to proactively enroll in Medicare at 65?
  • Does it make sense for me to purchase long‑term care insurance?
  • How can we minimize our health care expenses?
  • Will Medicare cover me while traveling abroad?
  • Can I pay Medigap premiums using my HSA?
  • What colleges offer the best financial aid packages?
  • With three kids, how do we get the best deal on college?
  • If we form a trust, will it impact us on financial aid formulas?
  • Can my daughter get a merit scholarship without being a top student?
  • What happens when grandparents help pay for college costs?
  • What is the best student loan to get?
  • What is the best repayment plan for a federal student loan?
  • Can elder care expenses help boost a child’s chances for financial aid?
  • What if my ex‑spouse refuses to fill out financial aid forms?
  • How do financial aid formulas treat annuities?
  • How do we deal with RMDs across our four retirement accounts?
  • When is a traditional IRA deductible?
  • Are there income limits for doing a Roth conversion?
  • Must I take a required distribution from each retirement account?
  • When are RMDs taxed?
  • I missed a required distribution. What should I do?
  • When do RMDs begin for inherited IRAs?
  • I just inherited an IRA. What should I do now?
  • Can an IRA be split with my spouse if we divorce?
  • Will a Roth IRA distribution affect taxation of my Social Security benefits?
  • How do we protect our family from online fraud?
  • How do we protect our financial accounts online?
  • Should I use a password manager?
  • How can I protect my home network?
  • My laptop was hacked! Now what?!
  • How can I safely do financial transactions over public WiFi?

Financial pros come to Horsesmouth for answers.

Our portfolio of services provides the latest education, tools, marketing and support:

Most people leave money on the table with Social Security. Gain access to the education, tools and answers you need to help clients make smart decisions and maximize their benefits. Comprehensive marketing and communications program included.

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Everyone must sign up for Medicare, yet few people understand what to do. Help clients avoid the pitfalls and put this critical piece of the retirement planning puzzle into place. Comprehensive marketing and communications program included.

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Help clients and prospects protect themselves from the growing epidemic of identity theft, credit card fraud, phishing scams and ruinous hacks. Show them how to improve their Cybersecurity Score. Comprehensive marketing and communications program included.

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With the arrivals of both the DOL ruling and the wave of Boomer RMDs (required minimum distributions), it is more important than ever before to be fully competent in IRA planning. Get up to speed, now. Comprehensive marketing and communications program included.

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Help parents save money and their sanity as they search for the colleges right for their kids. Show them how to discover the true costs, get the best deals, and maximize their financial aid opportunities. Comprehensive marketing and communications program included.

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Help clients and prospects through the process of setting up a caregiving plan. Guide and encourage them with valuable resources on the medical, financial, legal, and emotional aspects of caregiving. Comprehensive marketing and communications program included.

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Strategies for helping your clients transfer their assets to the next generation. Make sure they have a good plan in place to pass on the wealth they have accumulated, financial and otherwise. Comprehensive marketing and communications program included.

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Get comprehensive access to the full range of Horsesmouth memberships. Consolidate existing memberships into a single Master Membership, and get all the technical training, client education, communication and marketing support, in one place for you and your team.

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Corporate Programs

Horsesmouth designs custom programs for wealth management firms, broker dealers, RIAs, asset managers, insurance companies, banks and others. Our corporate partners range in size from the largest financial services companies to small shops. We collaborate with partners on a wide variety of initiatives, including the following:

  • Enterprise programs
  • Custom programs
  • Content licensing
  • Technology integration
  • Advertising and sponsorship
  • Research and analytics

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Horsesmouth helps financial professionals educate their clients and grow their businesses. Every day, we serve tens of thousands of advisors, consultants, agents, accountants and other professionals, representing every major financial firm and business model. We are guided by extensive primary research and two decades of experience. The company was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in midtown Manhattan, with employees spread out across the country.